Contract Manufacturing

Helping you bring your new product into the marketplace

Choosing a fabrication company to manufacture parts for your business is a big decision. At Fab Masters, we are committed to providing value-added advantages and extending the value of your dollar.

An innovative and creative product cannot enter today’s global marketplace without a manufacturing partner. We provide you with a partnership capable of implementing efficient and consistent processes throughout the product development and manufacturing cycle. Custom manufacturing is the cornerstone of our business. Our fabrication processes are geared toward your needs. We are more adaptable to new technology and fabrication challenges than a larger corporation and are willing to take a new path – your path.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Contract Manufacturer

Trusting your project’s fabrication to the masters of fabrication means you can focus your time and energy elsewhere. Fab Masters has the custom aluminum fabrication equipment and expertise to assist you in making your project a success.

As a smaller independent metal fabricator, Fab Masters is flexible and innovative. Fab Masters is consistently investing in new technologies in order to guarantee we are offering the most efficient services for your high-volume fabricated aluminum extruded parts.

Fab Masters Contract Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing Success Stories


Redesign of Utility Vehicle

In early 2011 Fab Masters Company was approached by SAPA Group to be a part of the prototyping team to help manufacture a new utility vehicle, the CV-23.


Teleflight Stair System

In 2011, we were approached to manufacture an innovative new temporary stair system that would help minimize accidents on construction sites.

Vehicle Running Boards

In the spring of 2012, a new project for a vehicle running board was brought to us by a customer in trouble. Their product was not anticipated to be a large volume retail sales item. However, as their product hit the marketplace, sales were better than expected and they struggled to keep up.

To help them meet demand, Fab Masters improved the project’s fixture tooling, developed rotaries, wrote a new CNC program, and added 4th axis rotary machining to increase speed. These changes cut program time and consequently increased production, which facilitated higher sales for our customer while lowering their production cost.

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