Quality Control

In-House Quality Lab for Critical Measurements

Fab Masters is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Quality is achieved through parts and process monitoring, XR charting, incoming raw material layouts, optical measuring, visual welding inspection, thread gauge inspections and final inspections. Any special inspections or testing is performed per customer instructions. All measuring instruments are tested and certified, traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

Fab Masters is an experienced 3rd party manufacturer of UL approved parts.

We maintain quality by:

  • Material certification
  • Incoming inspections
  • Continuous monitoring throughout manufacturing process
  • Final inspections prior to product release or shipping

To augment our fabrication services, we maintain our own in-house Quality Lab. Duties of the seven-member staff are divided among CNC machining, welding, ITAR, and ISO inspections. These inspections are executed with the use of our Micro-Vu (Video Optical Comparator), calipers, versa, height and pin gauges. thread gauges and protractors on 1st piece inspections to machined parts, in-process checks and inspections on incoming extrusions. Additionally, new Inspec software for the Micro-Vu has greatly increased efficiency on these inspection procedures.

Quality Assurance Equipment

An optical comparator is an instrument that projects a greatly magnified image of a part feature onto a screen for examination, to compare the shape, size, and location of its features. The new software enables a part, when laid-out, to be seen on a separate monitor that makes checking distances and true positions more accurate. Files can then be saved or emailed directly to customers. A print file can also be imported for simultaneous comparison to part. In addition, the ability to write programs increased accuracy and saves time.

Calibrations and inspections on welded and cut parts are executed on one of two Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), the Portable Romer 7 axis, capable of reverse engineering, and our newest CMM the fully automated LK G-90C. Measuring highly machined parts on our portable Romer Arm used to take three hours of inspection time, done manually – now, same parts are measured in 30 minutes automatically on LK G-90C.

The LK G-90C operates on the same premise as a computer numeric controlled (CNC) machining center (its automatic). You program it; it measures the part from the same point every time, using the same X-Y-Z grid as a CNC to determine a position on the worktable. The LK CAMIO software allows development of programming inspection routines directly from CAD models, running off-line so as not to disrupt the operation of the CMM. The LK G-90C takes our Quality Department to the next level, faster inspection times, higher accuracy, and will free up quality staff.

Our Quality Statement

Fab Masters Company, Inc. is to consistently provide parts and services that meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers. To achieve this we will monitor, nurture and maintain a continuous quality improvement program which will enable employees to do the job right the first time, every time.