Light Assembly

We will – Fabricate it, Assemble it, Wrap it, Pack it And Deliver it to your customer

Fab Masters provides light assembly aluminum fabrication in addition to welding and machining services. Completing your project means putting the final pieces together and Fab Masters gives you a complete finished product that is strong, sturdy and built to last. When your product leaves the shop it is ready immediately for your customer and can be delivered straight away.

Light assembly includes all of the finishing touches after fabrication. When you design and construct a superior product, proper assembly and packing is also essential to maintain customer satisfaction. Fab Masters assembles, wraps, packs and delivers your items to your customers straight from the shop. This eliminates unnecessary lag times and expenses through shipping, packing and unpacking between the shop, your location and a delivery service. Fab Masters assembles products using Pem nuts, Heli-Coils, AVK nuts and other items, as well as welding, before packing and delivering according to your specifications.

Fab Masters is located in Southwest Michigan and delivers to customers nationwide. Call to find out more about machining services and light assembly aluminum fabrication in Michigan.

Here are just a few of our assembly offerings; we will assemble as needed per project.

  • Assemble & Weld
  • Install Pem Nuts
  • Install Heli-Coils
  • Install AVK Nuts
  • Component assembly to complete a finished unit
  • Packaging to your specifications
  • Delivery to you or your customer