Metal Fabrication

Fabricating Aluminum Extrusions is Our Speciality

Since 1984 we have provided premiere service to the aluminum extrusion industry, from humble beginnings in a single car garage, to a facility of over 100,000 square feet we have kept up with market trends, and our customers’ diversified needs resulting in a company able to offer a full range of metal fabrication services.

Extrusion Procurement – Getting the correct extrusion match to your individual project may be difficult if you work with a single extruder. Since we partner with over 20 extrusion houses across the country we can match your needs, be it miniature or large, custom or standard.

CNC Machining – Your project is individually evaluated and processed on the most efficient mill for the job. Our machining centers are designed especially for aluminum extrusions; these lighter duty CNC’s maintain higher efficiency rates, cutting machining time, and saving cost.

Precision Aluminum Cutting – A wide range of tailor-made equipment by the world’s leading manufacturers for processing aluminum awaits you. From high-speed & high-volume precision saws, to manual specialty cut saws, our experienced sawyers can accommodate your needs.

Certified Welding – One of the largest aluminum production welding shops in Southwestern Michigan, with American Welding Society Certified welders is prepared to meet the demands of today’s manufacturing environments.

Choose expertise in metal fabrication

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  • Shapes processed in sizes from miniature to 17” circle
  • Large part capabilities
  • CNC Tapping
  • In-house tooling department
  • Ten in-house high-speed, high-volume precision saws
  • Straight cut and double mitering capabilities, 90 to 22.5 degrees.
  • AWS certified welders
  • Manual & robotic
  • MIG & TIG aluminum / steel
  • High volume capabilities

Choose Fab Masters as Your Design and Fabrication Partner

With a full selection of in-house metal fabrication services and a network of partners for additional options to complete your aluminum product from start to finish, Fab Masters is an ideal contract manufacturing partner.

We offer design assistance, 3D prototyping, a variety of metal fabrication services, assembly, delivery, and more all under one roof.  Bring your innovative product to completion with speed, efficiency, and quality.

Fab Masters specializes in fabricating aluminum extrusions and assists you from print to production.  With complete turnkey service and individual project support, you will see your product go from visualization to reality.  Experienced designers help you perfect your product through streamlined design and prototype creation. With welding, CNC machining, precision cutting and more, Fab Masters builds the parts you need according to your needs and specifications.  Finally, your parts can be assembled and delivered to your customers straight from the shop, and Fab Masters will handle every step in the supply chain.

Let Fab Masters solve your manufacturing challenges and bring your innovative pieces to life from design to delivery.  Click to learn more about fabricating aluminum extrusions in Michigan or call to receive a quote for your project.