Aluminum CuttingHigh Speed, High Volume, Manual and Specialty

Precision Aluminum Cutting

30-Year Anniversary Seal Fab Masters delivers precision aluminum cutting using equipment tailor-made by the world’s leading aluminum processing manufacturers. Our aluminum cutting services are only one of the many processes that give us complete project development capability to help fabricate new and innovative designs with exceptional cost-and time-efficiency.

Our versatile equipment and highly-trained staff produces a diverse collection of items. We manufacture high-performance parts with complex requirements as well as simple designs with high volume demands. Our computer numeric controlled (CNC) Elumatec and B & O saws produce high volume with precision tolerance and reliability. The smaller manual saws are very advantageous for specialty angles, and more flexible on materials and specialty parts that are produced with ease under the steady expertise of our technicians. With four twin-headed in-house saws working at top speeds and volume, as well as specialty equipment covering intricate details, we consistently deliver the highest efficiency and quality for traditional and complex projects.

See more details of our aluminum cutting services and contact us to see if our processes are right for your project. We have tackled many challenging pieces and we are happy to accommodate your new developments.

Cutting Details

  • Ten In-House high-speed, high volume precision saws
  • Manual, automatic and bundle cutting
  • Self-feeding, pneumatic clamping
  • Cutting tolerance +/- 0.005″
  • Cut length 0 to 200″ +
  • Straight cut and double mitering capabilities, 90° to 22.5°
  • Saw Equipment Capabilities


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Government supplier (Cage Code 3M4W4)
  • Elumatec DG 142 & DG 244 Saws
  • Cut diameter to 7.244″ on 90°*
  • Cut diameter to 5.118″ on 45° and 22.5° with double mitering*
*Depending on width of material
  • B & O B1203-21 Automatic Bundle Cut Saw
    • High volume and precision tolerances+/.005
    • Cut window up to 12″ x 36″ with a 36″ blade
    • Retractable gauge arms allow for automatic loading of bundled material; this saw can cut, be loaded and unloaded simultaneously
File formats accepted: .pdf, .dxf, .dwg, .igs, .stp, .prt, .inv, Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics

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  • Certified Welding
  • CNC Machining
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design Assistance
  • Knee Milling
  • De-Burring: Vibratory, Abtex and Hand
  • Multi Spindle Drilling
  • Lead Screw Tapping
  • Ring Roller for Shaped Sweeps
  • Punch Press Operations
  • Light Assembly & Fulfillment Services
  • Numerous Metal Finishes:
    1. Anodizing
    2. Powder Coating
    3. Wet Painting
    4. Chromate

Saw Department

  • B & O High Volume Bundle Cutting Saw

  • B & O Bundle Cut Saw, cutting 49 pieces at a time.

  • Saw Department Overview

  • Cutting two 7 inch solid circles

  • Manual Specialty Cutting

  • Cutting Heat Sink Material

  • Our Elumatec Work-Horses


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You will have the experience, knowledge and diversity of a 30 year business on your side; providing you with precision aluminum cutting, high speed aluminum cutting, high volume aluminum cutting, specialty aluminum cutting, and manual aluminum cutting, to your specifications.

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