Additional Support Services

In-House Project Support Services

Fab Masters Company, Inc. offers contract manufacturing and complete supply chain management. With this commitment in mind, the Fab Masters team evaluates your project for manufacturability and assists you at every stage.

We want your project to be successful. For this reason, we provide many in-house aluminum fabrication services, including stamping, deburring, and more. Saving on logistics is only one benefit of working with a comprehensive fabricator.

All of the following services are in-house at our facility in Marcellus, Michigan.

  • Plate machining
  • Knee milling
  • Stamping
  • Multi-spindle drilling
  • Manual drilling
  • Deburring: vibratory, abtex, and hand
  • Lead screw tapping
  • Ring roller for shaped sweeps

custom aluminum fabricationAdditional Services

Numerous Metal Finishes

We work with a number of skilled finishing companies to offer you a wide array of finishes at competitive prices.

Extrusion Procurement and Materials Support

We work with 20 extrusion houses across the US and Canada. Fab Masters can save you time and energy by matching your specific project to the most appropriate extruder.