Extrusions / Profiles

Standard or Custom Fabrication

One-Stop Acquisition, Fabrication, Delivery

Fab Masters builds custom aluminum extrusions and standard extrusion profiles in Michigan and delivers top-quality products across North America.  Supported by cutting edge technology and experienced machinists, Fab Masters creates unique designs to solve new challenges and fulfills large orders in tight schedules to satisfy high-volume demands.

Fab Masters leverages an extended supplier network across North America to deliver a wide array of aluminum profiles and shapes using many sizes and materials.  Some miniature extrusions are small enough to fit in your hand, while large extrusions may be as large as 17”.  Whether you require extrusions to complement your existing parts, a standard extrusion or a custom piece, Fab Master’s knowledgeable staff will help you build it.  Fab Masters takes care of every step in the process, from extrusion acquisition to cutting, machining, welding, finishing coating and assembly to packaging and shipping.

Start building your new products or expand your production with turnkey fabrication and complete supply chain management.  Call Fab Masters today to learn more and to receive a quote.

Extrusion & Profile Details