Press Work – Extrusion Punching & Stamping

Does it Make Sense to Punch My Parts

Why would a CNC house have punch presses? Using a punch press can be a cost savings opportunity, that’s why. Fab Masters has an in-house press room with six punch presses of varying size and capability, offering you stamping/punching services for aluminum extrusions. A press can drive multiple holes in a part with a single ‘hit’ saving valuable processing time and money.

Imagine a nail gun as opposed to a screw and screw driver. A nail gun can drive a hole and fill it with a fastener, a nail, in one ‘hit’ or stroke. Using a screw and manual screw driver or even a screw gun takes much longer. A press can drive multiple holes in one stroke.

So why not use a press always if it’s faster and less expensive? The same reason we sometimes use screws rather than nails. Using the right tool for the job at hand is what makes the most sense. You wouldn’t go find your nail gun to hang a picture on the wall. You might use a hammer and single nail or a screw and screw driver only to a certain, precise depth. A nail gun might sink the nail below the plaster surface. They both have their purpose just like CNC machining and press work. Determining what tool is right for the job is the important part.

Press work can be more expensive initially to tool up a project. If the volume doesn’t merit the tooling cost, machining is probably the better option. If you need to roof a house, bring a nail gun not a hammer and a pocket full of nails. Presses also have other limitations to tolerance and material removal. The key is that they have the potential to be a cost savings option due to increased throughput. Reduced per part cost is the benefit to having the ability to punch holes in parts. Not all parts are a fit for punching as an option. Ask us, we’ll help analyze your project and its goals to improve your price, product and overall program.

Punching / Stamping Details

Press Capabilities

Big Blue – SS Press 110 Ton

Bolster Plate 33” x 41” aluminum stamping,aluminum trim,stamping extrusions, moldings
Shut Height 15 ¼”

Bliss – SS Press 75 Ton

Bolster Plate 30” x 96”
Shut Height 32”

Wysong – Brake Press 90 Ton

Bed Length 120”
Shut Height 12”

Verson – Brake Press 60 Ton aluminum trim,aluminum stamping,press work,brake press work, stamped extrusions

Bed Length 96”
Shut Height 12”

OBI – 60 Ton

Bolster Plate 21” x 32”
Shut Height 15 1/2”

OBI – 50 Ton

Bolster Plate 24” x 38”
Shut Height w/Riser Blocks 11”
w/out Riser Blocks 17”