Large Part Machining

Extrusions machined up to 17” circle size – Castings and Plate

Need large lightweight parts? Not a problem. Our large part machining capabilities can accommodate parts 5 feet wide and up to 27 feet long.

We have five large part machining centers to serve your custom machining needs. The huge travels and table surfaces of our Milltronics RH35 or BR80 Bridge Mill place these machines between lightweight routers and heavyweight cast iron bridge machines. They are ideal for large fabricated parts, castings, plates, aluminum molds, weldments and depending on the part and fixturing, milling is possible on extrusions up to 20 ft. long.

The C.R. Onsrud 288G has a 27 foot bed, with travels of X-5’, Y- 27’, Z-18” enabling it to process a 27 foot long part, the Multiax E214 designed with a heavier and moving bridge that supports dual heads, and heavy load capability, with a 15 foot bed and travels of X-185”, Y-63”, Z-11.84”, and the Heian ZR 042P a 20 H.P. powerhouse, with twin 5 foot by 10 foot tables that are fitted with 10″ rotaries.