Industries Supported

Fab Masters Company, Inc. is proud to offer pre-production solutions and metal fabrication services to a variety of industries.

Several examples are listed below:

Alternative Energy

  • Support parts for solar panels
  • Support parts for wind turbines


  • Refrigerator trim parts

Construction Industry

  • Temporary telescoping staircase system, UL and OSHA compliant

Defense and Military

armored vehicles, tank components, NAICS336992, FSC2510, FSC2590

  • Support parts for tactical vehicles
  • Support parts for ballistic components

Heavy Transportation

utility vehicles, vehicular cab, frame components, NAICS 331316, FSC5985, FSC9540,FSC9520

  • Support parts for fire trucks, service trucks, and personal lift vehicles

Medical and Dental

X-RAY equipment, hospital beds, FSC6525, FSC6530, FSC5999, NAICS331316

  • Support parts of panoramic dental x-ray machines
  • Support parts for dental chairs
  • Support parts for MRI machines

Oil and Mining

  • Centering tabs that hold covers in place prior to pump installation, preventing dirt from contaminating pump or pipe threads


Yagi Directional Aluminum Antenna, FSC5985, FSC4710, NAICS339999

  • Support parts for antennas